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Why are you breathing MY oxygen?

I took Subrina to work, and we drove Raheel's (her brother's) old '97 Z28 so I could see if I could find what's wrong with it. Well, aside from the A/C not working, I discovered that it pulls to the right REAL hard, the transmission slips a lot, the driver's side power window is not functioning, yadda yadda. The best part is that during heavy accelleration, the torque arm (transmission brace) pops loose and thumps the underside of the tranny tunnel real hard, because the body flexes badly. This car has to have been wrecked several times in the last 2.5 years. It's just THRASHED. The body is all scratched up, and has several dents (even one the size of a grapefruit). I guess that's what happens when you get high all the time while driving a car that you're not really paying for (that's not in your name).

You're probably wondering "who cares about this fucking random car?"...well, I love cars, and I saw this car when he first got it, and I see it now. It's a goddamn shame the way some people treat cars.

My Couch is gonna whoop Lauren's ass.....maybe.

I'm giving Subrina bass lessons, and she's picking it up quite fast. After one lesson, she knows which strings are which notes (E-A-D-G), alternating up/down picking, and I taught her how to play the verse of Ptomaine's "October." She's digging it, because she's been wanting to learn bass for years.

I might be able to get a bass amp soon, I'm just waiting on word as to whether or not I'm in BSD for sure. If so, it's shopping time!
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