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Dear God...

What a harrowing last day! I spent all of Saturday trying to get some sleep, but failing miserably. I had maybe accomplished a 5-minute nap. Anyways, I was set to leave at 3am for Vegas, but the boys decided to meet up at Denny's. I figured that was a good idea, and decided to leave from there. After a long gathering with my nearest and dearest, we parted ways and I got on the road at 2:30am, with the aim of reaching Amarillo and checking status from there. I was sleepy when I left, but I pounded some coffee at Denny's and waited for it to kick in. I got to Amarillo by 8:30am after witnessing my last (for a possibly LONG time) Texas sunrise, and it was smooth sailing the whole way there. I stopped at McD's for a McMuffin (not Julio) and OJ, and continued on the way. From there, it was a hop, skip, and jump to the TX/NM border, and I made quick work of it. First tank of gas: 30 mpg. Sweet. Add another $28, and roll out. Got to Gallup, NM (where I had intended to stop for a rest originally) at like 3pm (TX time), and just kept going. I figured I'd see how I felt at Flagstaff, because it was too early to get a motel room. Well, at Flagstaff, I was pretty tired (it was around 6pm TX time) but I said "fuck it," and bought some energy drinks. I rolled into Kingman, AZ at 8:00pm TX time, gassed up, and bought more energy drinks. Finally got to the house at 10:05 pm Dallas time (8pm Vegas time), which adds up to 20 hours straight of driving non-stop. Well, lo and behold, nobody was here. After 4 more hours, I finally got in and got to sleep (after 36 hours), and was awoken 4 hours later by Subrina greeting me vigorously.

At any rate, I'm here now, and today was awesome. I jammed with Craig's band, and all went extremely well. I think they like me as a bass player, and their new music kicks a fat pile of ass. I think I can add a demension to them, both live and in writing, so hopefully it works out.

After the jam session, we lunched out HARDCORE STYLE at Joe's Crab Shack, where it was ascertained that Craig "hates" seafood and has never tasted lobster. He had a burger.

My car needs an oil change and a brake job, as well as the title transferred, insurance, and legal mumbo-jumbo. Job time!

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