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Another long-time update.

I've obviously been neglecting LiveJournal for MySpace lately. It's just too much of a hassle keeping up with 3 blogs. Anyways, I'll give a brief synopsis about the events that have transpired since September.

1. In early November, Craig, Joey, and I grew weary of playing music in BSD, as well as Nick's rockstar attitude and getting nothing done, and we split. Now the 3 of us are in a band called Cities Burn Away, and we set up shop in my garage. We play a style that's heavily influenced by black metal, melodic death metal, metalcore, and crustcore punk. We recently released our debut EP called Shadows in the Scenery (that we recorded with Adam Bomb from skate-punk legends The Faction). In just over a week we had over 600 plays on our MySpace page, which is located at on your internet browser. You can go to to see our official page.

2. Subrina and I started a promotions company in October when we acquired a button press and punch. We call it Code Blue Promos, and we make buttons, flyers, do band photography, etc. Business has been slow. We recently completed an order for and Donkey Punch Clothing.

3. I can't stop shaving my head...

4. Subrina and I are completely happy and content in each other's company, as well as being excited about the wedding. We're looking over ceremony sites right now.

5. It snowed the other day. There was seriously 3 inches of snow on my van. Some neighborhood kid made a snowman, but I never got a pic of it. Of course, it melted the next day because the temperature shot up to 50 degrees. Now it's nasty and wet. I wish it would dry up so that I could go post flyers everywhere.

That's really about it. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but whatever. If you want (somewhat) more frequent updates, then check out my own MySpace page at:
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