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Dance with me...

TSOL just killed it last night. I haven't been in a good circle-pit in years, and I didn't plan to last night. But when they went into "Dance With Me" I just had to obey. It was fuckin' rad as hell. DI also played, and they ripped it up, too. Locally, The Loud Pipes and Absent Minded played. Absent Minded is awesome, for real, I like them a lot. The Loud Pipes...? Well, let's just say that the guitarists are talented, and they put on an energetic show. They could use a new singer and bass player, however. But I guess if it works, then it works. Fun fun show, however. Jack Grisham (TSOL singer) dumped water all over Subrina's mohawk and laughed like hell about it. We sat and talked with him after the show for like 10 minutes (he's gonna be on the cover of the next issue of Spooky). Really nice guy.

Trying to hook up with Craig so we can go over the songs before Sunday.

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