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*tick tick tick*

Almost done packing, just about ready to go. 28 hours till I roll out.

Visited with my mom, brother, and sisters tonight, had some fun. I'm about to go hang with Jon, and give him my other acoustic guitar, aswell as give him back Austin's Zinn Reader. I think Aussie still has my Darkest HOur and Alethian cds, but we'll have to make arrangements on those. No time. I'll be going to sleep in (hopefully) 12 hours, hoping to sleep until midnight, and leave this place at 3 or 4 am. Unfortunately, Luke won't be driving with me, which means it won't be a 17-hour trip, it'll be closer to 21-22 hours, driving the speed limit, and praying I don't get pulled over (expired tags, no insurance). I hope to make Gallup, NM by the time I stop for the night, which is almost 2/3 of the trip (the AZ/NM border). Mapquest says 13 hours to Gallup, then another 7 hours to Vegas. It's funny, because I'm starting just east of Dallas, and ending at the west end of Vegas. So it's a good 45 mins before I'm even out of my hometown, and the last 25-30 mins are going to be making my way across Vegas to home base. Almost an hour and a half of 20 or so hours is navigating hometowns. Funny, eh?

Ok, I'm outty like woah.
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